Intuitive, actionable Amazon insights

Accelerate profitable growth on Amazon with unmatched retail advertising and AMC SaaS solutions.

Paid vs Organic

Our Paid vs organic dashboard gives you a clearer understanding of how Amazon advertising impacts overall sales performance

  • Monitor your percentage of paid vs organic sales
  • Customisable charts for the metrics that matter to you
  • Track your Total ROAS / Total ACOS over time
  • Build a true 360 Amazon strategy

Optimise your Amazon sales with our Paid vs. Organic Dashboard.

Profit Pulse 360

Our Profit Pulse 360 dashboard provides you with a clear overview of your Amazon account’s profitability performance and offers actionable insights to drive your strategy.

  • Personalised analysis: Net PPM, AMS/DSP spend, COGS, and more.
  • Understand account profitability down to individual ASIN.
  • Friendly UI built to turn insight into action

Boost your Amazon profitability with Profit Pulse 360.

ASIN Performance

The ASIN Performance Dashboard is designed to highlight portfolio opportunities in seconds.

  • Diagnose your ASIN portfolio in an instant.
  • Identify ASIN opportunities & underperformers.
  • Monitor ASIN performance at a daily, weekly & monthly level.

Unlock actionable insights with our ASIN Performance Dashboard.

AMC Audience Builder

Empower your teams with the leading AMC Audience Building solution.

  • Fast custom rule-based and lookalike audiences creation
  • Over 20 off the shelf audiences, growing all the time.
  • Compare DSP vs AMC audience performance

7X faster than building AMC audiences directly!

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